Neck pain

Our effective treatments to get measurable, lasting relief from neck pain.

The neck is one of the most underrated and unappreciated parts of our body. After all, the neck, also called the cervical spine, is comprised of seven small vertebrae plus surrounding muscles and tissue, but it is charged with supporting the head, which weighs an average of 12 pounds.

It’s no wonder then that the neck is so susceptible to pain and injury.

If you are experiencing neck pain, there are several likely causes:

  • Injury or accident – In an auto accident, you know this as “whiplash” – the sudden, sharp, involuntary movement of the head or neck and the resulting rebound in the opposite direction. A whiplash event doesn’t have to stem from an auto accident. Sports, thrill rides, and other seemingly safe activities can cause painful neck injuries.
  • Age – The neck is not immune from the degenerative disorder that affects other parts of the body. Osteoarthritis is one age-related condition that can affect the neck.
  • Obesity – According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, obesity has a direct link to musculoskeletal system disorders, including pain in the neck.
  • Poor posture – Sitting, standing, and walking incorrectly can cause dramatically increased stress on the cervical spine and overload the neck and back muscles, resulting in neck pain. Drs. Beller and Hirsch can provide you with better posture examples to help relieve your current neck pain and prevent it from recurring.
  • In drastic cases, some people consider surgery, which may involve the removal of a damaged disc.

Helping you get rid of that pain in the neck

At Complete Healthcare, we offer a variety of drug-free, non-surgical treatments that can help relieve your neck pain at its source, without the dangers of drugs and without the risks of surgery.

Our neck pain treatments include:

  • Spinal decompression – Also known as nonsurgical decompression, spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine to relieve the pressure between spinal discs that is usually causing the pain.
  • Manual adjustment – The use of the doctor’s hands to manipulate the joints to achieve pain relief.
  • Electrical stimulation – Also known as electrotherapy, this provides a mild electrical current that generates heat to relieve stiffness, improve mobility, and relieve pain. Some chiropractic science shows that electrical stimulation promotes the body’s production of endorphins or natural pain killers.
  • Cervical exercises – helps you strengthen the neck muscles to help improve posture and keep the head in the proper position.
  • And more…

 We can also help you determine whether your workplace environment is contributing to your neck pain.

Get neck pain relief at Complete Healthcare – Charlotte’s Trusted Chiropractic Office

For over 20 years, the doctors and staff at Complete Healthcare have provided prompt, effective relief and advanced treatments for neck pain to your friends and neighbors in the greater Charlotte area.

We’re respected and trusted because we provide more:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Minimal wait time
  • Friendly, caring environment
  • Thorough exams
  • Detailed analysis of our findings
  • Treatment plan for your approval to help you get out of pain and back work and play
  • On-site X-rays, if needed

Advanced, convenient, and thorough care for your neck pain

You don’t have to live with neck pain. Complete Healthcare has the expertise and resources to reduce or eliminate your neck pain and help you get back to your daily routine. We do this through the use of proven modalities in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Our complete healthcare treatments can help you get relief from:

• Low Neck pain • Arm Pain • Pinched Nerves • Neck Pain • Joint & Muscle Pain • Numbness & Tingling • TMJ • Headaches • Arthritis • Shoulder Pain  • Leg/Hip Pain • Carpal Tunnel • Whiplash • Disc Problems • Sprains • Strains

We treat these chronic and acute conditions, and more, with proven techniques such as:

• Spinal decompression • Therapeutic exercise • Stretches • Traction • Ice packs • Spinal adjustments • Electrotherapy •Mechanical massage units to alleviate muscular pain symptoms • Low-level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT)

Your first visit will include a complete evaluation that will be the basis of your recommended treatments. Many of our patients have told us that they have never had such a thorough evaluation.

And… We can see you today! To schedule a free consultation, please call: (704) 510-1510