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Dwayne Robertson
Dwayne Robertson
23:36 23 Oct 19
It has been an awsome experience for me at Complete Healthcare. The staff are competent and professional, and I truly... felt that they cared about me and my concerns. The course of treatment has me feeling like a new man!read more
22:25 22 Oct 19
The staff at Complete Healthcare is so friendly and accommodating, They really care about your overall well being. I am... really glad that I made the decision to come here for treatment of my neck and back injury . I was dealing with terrible pain and now I am on the road to recovery and can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Complete Healthcare!read more
Shakiir Wilson
Shakiir Wilson
17:22 15 Aug 19
Great practice along with a very great staff! Super therapeutic and relaxing.Abbey, Kia and Alexis were very helpful... as well as the doctors performing treatment/ adjustments. In the time i spent with them my pain and symptoms subsided 10 fold! I will always recommend this establishment.read more
Nikki Azizi
Nikki Azizi
18:22 01 Aug 19
The staff is amazing, the treatment is wonderful, and my back and shoulders have been feeling 10x better. Coming to the... chiropractor has become one of my favorite things to do because I love the environment and how effective the treatment has been. They are very flexible with scheduling and try to help you in every way they can. I was referred here after my accident, but I plan to continue coming even after my treatment is done. Dr Beller is amazing and I’d recommend him to everyone.read more
Heidi Ortmann
Heidi Ortmann
01:11 02 May 19
Go here if you want to feel better. I was doubled over in pain and could hardly walk, but within three treatments they... had me feeling better than I have in 25 years. After my adjustments, even my allergies got better. Dr. Hirsch is a miracle worker, and the staff there are very compassionate, kind, and professional. This is the best chiropractor on the East Coast, if not the entire country. It's impossible to overstate how helpful this clinic is. It's a life saver. Dr. Hirsch is very thorough and knows what she is doing. Dr. Hirsch genuinely cares about her patients, and that is true healing. Very lovely people and a wonderful practice.read more
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What patients say about Dr. Beller:


“Dear Dr. Christopher Beller,

“I am writing to you because I would like you to know how thankful I am for all the help you given me. Two months ago, I came to your office89-year-old old woman seeking relief from severe low back and hip pain. An MRI identified severe degenerative arthritis in my low back and both hip joints. I found it difficult to walk, stand and even lie flat in bed. I felt if this continues, I will find myself in a wheelchair. The chiropractic therapy you have given me has me walking without limping and enjoying life again. I thank you sincerely for all of your help.”- W.W.


“Approximately 3 months ago, I developed a severe sharp pain in my lower back which ran down my left leg to my knee. Bending my left leg at the knee was extremely painful. Dr. Beller developed a program of treatment, including spinal decompression and other treatments to strengthen my back and legs.

“After the 6th treatment, there was a noticeable loss of pain in my lower back and legs as well as increased strength in my legs. My back and leg pain has gone and my strength has increased 3 fold! It was a successful treatment and more than that, I have made some great friends as well as trusted professionals.” – W.B.


“I just turned 87 years old and in October I had a total knee replacement. In November, while shopping in a store, I fell over some mops that were placed on the floor behind me. The fall injured my hip, back and neck. Finally, when I had almost given up hope of ever resuming my normal activities, I was recommended to see Dr. Christopher Beller at Complete Healthcare. After three weeks, the pain in my neck, back and hip started to subside.

“The level of care I received is excellent and to see the results in such a short time after suffering for eight months is amazing. It is so wonderful to have pain free days now and I keep getting stronger every day. I can’t thank Dr. Beller enough along with his friendly and courteous staff. It has been a pleasure working with them and I will recommend his services to anyone I know.” – P.W.


“I had suffered from severe headaches for 40 years and have been searching for a solution. I have seen many doctors for my condition and have been taking headache medications for years.

“I have been a believer in Chiropractic care ever since I met Dr. Beller. After 40 years of suffering, the tightness in my muscles and my headaches have gone away. I have been helped so much by Dr. Beller. His staff is also very caring. I’m so glad they came into my life so I can be pain free. I happily recommend Dr. Beller to anyone.” – S.M.


“I have endured the stress of conflicting diagnosis from orthopedic specialists, receiving standard physical therapy, been given multiple prescriptions, and finally, I saw a spine specialist only to leave his office feeling frustrated and dejected. Fortunately, I followed the recommendation of a friend to see Dr. Beller.

“Dr. Beller and his staff are awesome. Dr. Beller took the time to listen to my issues. He did a comprehensive exam and thoroughly explained his findings and treatment plan. Most importantly, I felt immediate relief after the first treatment.

“The staff at Complete HealthCare is very caring, friendly and sincere. The friend that referred me also received immediate positive results.” – J.G.


“For the past 4 years I had been suffering with swollen painful knees. I could not bend my right knee and could not put any weight on my right leg. I had gone to several doctors and they stated I had arthritis and was prescribed pain killers. I had been using pain patches for my knees for the past four years too. After I started treatments with Dr. Beller, I didn’t need the patches anymore. My knees have stopped swelling and have no pain in my knees or leg. I am able to walk without limping. Thank you, Complete Healthcare.” – E.S.


“Chiropractic health care has provided me the ability to be on my feet all day, lean over for long periods of time, working while with children and help to reduce the stress and headaches of being a teacher. Complete Healthcare has always shown me compassion, and has given me the ability to achieve wellness and have improved health.” – J. W.


“I have severe scoliosis that really became problematic 6 years ago after I became pregnant. I knew I had to do something about this since I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life taking pain killers. Since then, I have experienced daily headaches and back pain. I am very pleased to say that in the 8 weeks I have received treatment from Dr. Beller, I have experienced a significant improvement in my quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Beller!” – O.P.


“I was skeptical when I first met Dr. Beller, after all, no other medical professional was able to end my suffering. After the first few visits, I was already feeling better. Then I began to improve each time I saw him. Eventually, I even stopped taking any prescription drugs for my pain. I was participating in things I was told I would never be able to do again… my family physician and neurologist are even impressed…” – J.M.


“How do you explain to a 2-year old that Mommy can’t play again today because she can’t move? For years, my life consisted of doctors, tests, medications and absolutely no energy. After my first adjustment, Dr. Beller became my hero. My life is back. I have energy, spirit and freedom… I never thought I could feel this way again…” – N.Z.

What patients say about Dr. Hirsch:


” I was involved in a car accident and felt like my world was turned upside down. I had incredible neck and back pain, I couldn’t sleep, was depressed and J couldn’t work the hours [ was used to. A friend recommended l see Dr. Hirsch. I came in and staff treated me like family and guided me on what to expect on my journey of recovery. I slowly began to feel better and was on my feet in no time. My neck and back pain has become a thing of the past. I highly recommend Dr. Hirsch and staff They are awesome!!” –  M J.


“I feel fantastic since I have been coming in. Dr. Hirsch’s adjustments have really improved my sleep pattern and l feel rested.” –  J.M.


“l have been seeing Dr. Hirsch for years. I am in the landscaping business and it goes without saying that I have reaped the benefits of seeing her for as long as I have. My low back feels so much better as a result.” –  J .A.

LV. & J. V

“We have been seeing Dr. Hirsch since our children were little and I can definitely say that our children have been healthy and have reaped the benefits of chiropractic care.  We love her and would not go anywhere else. She is highly recommended.” –  LV. & J. V


“I have been seeing Dr. I-Iirsch for many years and I have been feeling great. In my line of business as an instructor, I definitely feel the difference in my hip and would never think of going without getting adjusted.” –  G.C.


“I see Dr. Hirsch a few times per year for maintenance. She always gets me back in alignment and I feel great. lt is a must for my lifestyle .” –  C.L


“My brother and a friend were involved in an automobile accident and so a good friend of ours recommended Dr. Hirsch. She took the time to help us understand what happens to our bodies after an impact and explained our treatment plan. She helped us greatly with our neck and back injuries and within a few weeks were able to feel like our old selves again. We felt appreciated and like family in her office. I highly recommend Dr. Hirsch.” –  B.S.


“Dr. Hirsch treated my low back pain and I was back to normal in no time. I come to see her for maintenance now and can get back to doing the things I enjoy.” – S.S.


“I came to see Dr. Hirsch because of my wrist pain. I appreciated her bedside manner and professionalism. She got me better in just a few visits.” – R.T.