Auto Accident Chiropractor Charlotte

Auto Accident Chiropractor in Charlotte

Have you recently been in an automobile accident?

Dr. Christopher Beller and the team at Complete Healthcare have  been working as auto accident chiropractors for many years and have the experience in helping people just like you get out of pain and back to work and play due to injury from an auto accident. We use proven, effective chiropractic care and therapy and provide the follow-up support you need for long-term improvement and a higher quality of life.

As part of our ongoing concern for your overall health, Complete Healthcare will not require any payment from you until your case is settled. We will accept payment from the at-fault party’s insurance, your automobile medical payment benefits (MedPay) or your insurance benefits. We also accept all personal injury attorney liens. This way you can focus on healing and getting better, right away.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident or suffered any type of personal injury, take the easy road to recovery by working with the team that will work with you.

But we are more than an automobile accident chiropractor…

Complete Healthcare is a modern, fully-equipped pain relief and rehabilitation center staffed with friendly, caring people and treat many body conditions.

See Complete Healthcare for caring, effective auto accident chiropractic care and therapy to treat:

  • Back or hip pain
  • Whiplash and other painful neck injuries
  • Shoulder, wrist, and knee injuries
  • Radiating arm or leg pain
  • Persistent headaches or chronic pain after an injury

Complete Healthcare works as an auto accident chiropractor for many attorneys to provide the fast, reliable treatment their clients need. And if you do not have an attorney, we have a wide network of resources here in Charlotte and can help you find the help you need.

If you have any questions about our chiropractic treatments please call us or contact us now.