Complete Healthcare makes it easy to refer your clients

At Complete Healthcare, we know that you want to get the best possible settlements for your clients. But we also know that time is money, and you want a chiropractic office that understands your business.

Complete Healthcare is a low-maintenance referral resource for your injury and accident cases. That means that in addition to providing experienced, effective care, we don’t need any hand-holding from you or your staff.

We accept liens, too.

After a thorough exam, we create all of the necessary, detailed documentation to help support your case. Our reports include treatment recommendations, progress updates, and a final report upon discharge from our services.

Complete healthcare provides expert chiropractic services including the treatment of sprains, strains, injuries to the spine, neck, shoulder, lower back, and extremities, including whiplash. Along the way, we have helped countless patients get relief from headaches, dizziness, and more.

We are thorough, experienced, and responsive. That’s why Complete Healthcare has been the choice of many attorney referrals for over 10 years.